about me

I am a husband and father; a brother and a friend.
I'm an adjunct professor and a PhD student.

I like to watch movies. I love dry, witty humor and quirky TV shows.  I like to play video games (mostly FIFA and Minecraft).  I listen to NPR almost everyday.  I love watching the Discovery and History channels late at night.  I like laughing and hearing really good stories.

I'm a fan of the Kentucky Wildcats, Johnny Cash, Bob Newhart, the Office (NBC & BBC), Christopher Guest, Henri Nouwen, Cake (the band and the food), Star Trek and Star Wars, Mountain Dew, u2, Jerry Seinfeld, the Cincinnati Bengals, Dances with Wolves, Arsenal FC,  Skyline Chili, and the Oxford Comma.

I have a weird sense of humor, but I'm fine with it.

I read magazines from the back to the front. I love ketchup, salsa, and marinara but not tomatoes. I like shoes don't like having to tie them. I value relationships but don't like talking on the phone. Somedays I love popcorn and somedays I don't. I think John Wayne was mean. I generally don't like war movies but I loved "Band of Brothers".  I like baseball caps. I like coffee with sugar.

I was once bitten by a squirrel.  I collect coffee mugs.

I've seen the Book of Kells at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, sang "My Old Kentucky Home" in Rupp Arena, walked the strip in Las Vegas, and ridden the Telefériqo to 13,400 ft on the eastern side of Pichincha volcano in Quito, Ecuador.

I think Jean Luc Picard is far superior to James T. Kirk.

I've met Rex Chapman and Richard Blais, had dinner with Jason Upton and heard Bob Dylan and Paul Simon live. I've stood on the stairs of Westminster Abbey and at the foot of El Castillo at Chichen Itza in the Yucatan.  I've seen the statue of Mary Tyler Moore in downtown Minneapolis and the Lion on the hill in Waterloo, Belgium.  I've been to Paris, Texas and Paris, France; London, Kentucky and London, England.

If I had a superpower it would be napping and my arch rival would be insomnia.

I once made the winning free throws in overtime during an intramural basketball game in college playing for my fraternity (Theta Delta Kappa) ... I had ice in my veins.

I like run on sentences and walks on the beach.  Sometime I write haiku.

I never cry watching tv or movies except: during the last episode of family ties and when Christian Laettner made that lucky shot against Kentucky in the tournament. I almost cried when Matthew died in Anne of Green Gables . . . almost.

Sometimes I wish I was a film maker, an architect, an astronomer, a novelist, a stand-up comedian or comedy writer, a baker, or a musician (either piano or banjo).

I think I'm funny.

I really love my wife and my son and my daughter.