about this blog

This blog is a collection of my personal journey as an adjunct instructor and PhD student.  It's not been the typical path of going to grad school immediately following undergrad, or entering a PhD program by age 24.  I didn't actually start my doctoral program until I was 41!  At times, my PhD has felt very much like that elusive white whale.

I hope to share a series of posts about my PhD Journey; from researching programs, to the application process, to navigating course work, and completing the dissertation.  I've read a lot, asked a lot of questions, and listened to a number of people who had some great advice.  My goal is to put some of those things together to be made available to others thinking about the journey.

The blog will also share some of my experiences as a part-time instructor in higher education.  Contingent faculty is a growing trend in higher ed.  They are higher ed instructors who teach, often a part-time load on a semester by semester basis.  They typically have no benefits (health, retirement, etc.) no pedagogical training, and no access to professional development. There are thousands of us navigating the rough and rewarding terrain of academia.   Most of us do it because we love teaching and are passionate about our subject matter.  And I do love teaching -- both in a traditional classroom and online.

There may also be the occasional whimsical post about life and things I think are interesting and funny. :-)

Parts of this journey have been wonderful, fun, and rewarding.   And some parts have been pretty frustrating.  Hopefully, sharing it can be of some help to others.


This blog is my experience.  I don't claim to be an expert about anything.  I'm not offering advice, but  simply sharing what my journey has been like. I'll try to be as honest as I can, but also know that I may have to change the names to protect the innocent.  :-)